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Interested in starting a veganic garden? You’re in the right place! Whether you have a backyard, community garden, balcony, or rooftop, you can learn the basics of plant-based growing and try simple do-it-yourself projects from our how-to guides below.

To dive even deeper into veganic gardening, take a look at the Learn Veganic online course.

And find out more about how veganic gardeners and concerned citizens can get involved in the veganic movement!

Veganic fertility: Growing plants from plants
In veganic gardening, instead of using chemical fertilizers or animal products, plants are grown using plants and minerals. Did you know… in natural ecosystems, […]
Different ways to garden veganically
There is no single way to “do” veganic gardening. It is not a specific technique, but rather a set of ideals and guidelines that […]
Tips for starting a new garden
In every lawn lies the potential for a garden. We can begin to cultivate edible landscapes where monocultured lawns now reign, lessening our food […]
Gardening for biodiversity
Natural ecosystems have a wide diversity of plants, animals, and soil organisms, and ideally so should our gardens. One of the main aims of […]
Preparing the ground: No-till, till and raised beds
There is more than one way to prepare the ground for planting. The patient approach involves no-till techniques, where organic matter is built up […]
Fertilizing with human urine
Using human urine can help us work toward a closed-loop fertility system. While not a plant-based technique per se, using their own urine is […]
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