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How to grow

Learn about the principles of veganic farming and gardening, how to maintain fertility with plant-based techniques, and a variety of approaches to growing veganically.

Overview of veganic techniques
In veganic agriculture, fertility is maintained without the use of chemical fertilizers or animal products. Instead, veganic agriculture favors good soil stewardship, biodiversity, plant-based […]
Plant-based techniques
Discover veganic materials and plant-based techniques for maintaining soil fertility. […]
Approaches to veganic
Many approaches are compatible with veganics, including permaculture, forest gardening, container gardening, biointensive, and more. […]
There are several options for farms to become certified! And we recommend that all veganic farmers and gardeners explore the certification standards (even if […]
Seeds and seedlings
It all starts with a seed! There is an exceptional variety of food-producing plants available for our farms and gardens. Unfortunately, industrial agriculture relies […]
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