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3rd party Stockfree Organic – U.S.

Victoria Farm in Geneva, Florida is the first farm in North America to become certified through the Stockfree Organic standards of the United Kingdom.

The farmers have been using plant-based techniques since 2002 because of personal ethical principles, and later learned about the Vegan Organic Network and the Stockfree-Organic certification offered in the United Kingdom.

Victoria Farm’s 3rd party organic certifier, Quality Certification Services, is based in Gainesville, Florida. In 2007, Quality Certification Services offered farms the chance to gain a “Specific Trade Practices Certification” for certifications that could be objectively verified through the normal organic auditing and review process.

Victoria Farm requested to be evaluated using the Stockfree-Organic standards developed by the Vegan Organic Network. Quality Certification Services worked together with the Vegan Organic Network to adapt the standards to the U.S.

For other farms that would like to become certified through the Stockfree-Organic standards, this is an avenue to consider, either with Quality Certification Services in Florida, or by approaching a local 3rd party certifier.

Contact us if you would like more information about this option.

For farms in North America, Certified Veganic is another option for plant-based certification.

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