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The Veganic Agriculture Network is a movement in North America to promote the production of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals without the use of artificial substances nor the use of animal products. We promote sustainable, low-impact, plant-based farming and gardening.

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Transitioning to Veganic Agriculture – January 29, 2022
Update: you can watch the video replay on YouTube here:    On Saturday, January 29, join us for a panel discussion on Transitioning […]
Learn Veganic Course Starts February 9th, 2022
The Learn Veganic gardening course is starting on February 9th, 2022, with registrations at Join in this 7-week online course where you’ll learn […]
Veganic Grower’s Hour – Bi-Weekly Q&A Show
Join veganic farmer Jimmy Videle for a Q&A show on YouTube throughout the 2022 growing season. The show happens bi-weekly on Thursday evenings from […]

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Regenerates soil
Veganic agriculture regenerates soil by encouraging vibrant soil life and building organic matter. […]
Higher level of self-sufficiency
Veganic farmers and gardeners use resources available on their own land to maintain fertility, and minimize dependence on off-farm inputs. […]
Biodiversity and land stewardship
Veganic growers work to reinstate habitats, bolster the biodiversity of wild animals and native plants, and conserve the environmental integrity of their land. […]
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