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There are more and more written and audiovisual resources becoming available to learn about veganic growing. You’ll find many in this section. If you know other resources, please contact us!

Ongoing courses and workshops
Ongoing courses and workshops that teach veganic growing methods. […]
Networks and organizations
There are several networks promoting veganic agriculture internationally. […]
Here are a number of videos about plant-based farming and gardening techniques. You can find even more on the Vegan Organic Network’s YouTube channel. […]
Books and magazines
Here are a number of books and magazines about plant-based farming and gardening, followed by books in other languages and related books of interest. […]
Research and studies
Veganic productivity research The Productivity of Vegan-Organic Farming: Measuring small-scale vegan-organic farming against large-scale conventional and organic practices By James Videle. Published in 2018 […]
Articles about veganic agriculture
In addition to the extensive information offered on the websites of international veganic networks, here are websites that offer a quick intro to veganic […]
Information sheets and flyers
We encourage people to print copies of our flyers to distribute in their region. In the coming years, we intend to add more resources […]
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