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Networks and organizations

There are several networks promoting veganic agriculture internationally.

Vegan Organic Network

~ United Kingdom and international

The Vegan Organic Network, started in 1996, is based in the United Kingdom. By joining their network, members receive Growing Green International magazine twice a year. Growing Green International highlights veganic farming and gardening projects in the U.K. and around the world, and also contains articles of interest to veganic growers.

The Vegan Organic Network’s website,, contains useful resources, information about upcoming events, and much more.

International Biocyclic Vegan Network

~ Europe and international

The International Biocyclic Vegan Network promotes vegan food production techniques around the globe, in association with numerous partners and associations. Biocyclic Vegan certification is available internationally through a certifying body, CERES, located in Germany, in collaboration with local auditors. The certification is also available through other certifying bodies in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, and Cyprus. They have created a farm map at to locate farms in Europe that are certified Biocyclic Vegan, that are in the transition process, or that self-declare as vegan farms.


~ Quebec and French-language countries

Vegeculture,, was created by Stephane Groleau, (co-founder of the Veganic Agriculture Network), to bring awareness about vegan organic farming and gardening in the French language. Vegeculture also features a short photojournal of Stephane’s self-fertilizing garden in Quebec from 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Veganic Agriculture Network

~ North America

The Veganic Agriculture Network,, was formed in 2008 to promote plant-based farming and gardening in North America. Started by a small group of Canadians, this network is closely associated with the Vegan Organic Network in the U.K.

Jeeva Bhvana

~ India

Jeeva Bhavana, is an Indian NGO based in Pune that aims to assist farmers in transitioning to organic, plant-based agriculture, educate the public on the benefits of a whole plant-based diet, and promote a world where all life is respected, protected, and celebrated, guided by the principle of ahimsa.

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