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Here are a number of videos about plant-based farming and gardening techniques. You can find even more on the Vegan Organic Network’s YouTube channel.

Growing Green: Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

In this short video, Graham Cole demonstrates how you can feed your family on your allotment and garden using vegetable compost and green manures to obtain good crops of high nutritional value. No poisons or artificial fertilizers are used. This method is the kindest to the environment and all Earth’s creatures.


Farm Tours with Iain Tolhurst

In this first 17-minute video, Growing Green with Iain Tolhurst, farmer Iain Tolhurst shows us his plant-based farm and how he maintains on-farm fertility with green manures and crop rotations. Iain is the co-author of the book Growing Green which is a farming guide to Stockfree Organic growing.


And in the next two videos, Tour of Tolhurst Organic Farm Part 1 and Part 2, Iain takes us on an in-depth tour of his farm for over 2 hours during the height of the growing season.



Woodleaf Farm with Helen Atthowe

In the next three videos, Helen Atthowe presents the farming techniques used at Woodleaf farm in California, which includes veganic orchards, reduced tillage systems, and living mulches (note that Helen now has a different farm in Oregon using similar techniques, and you can learn more at

Video 1: Organic, no-till agroecology/permaculture farm suppresses insect and disease pests


Video 2: Organic vertical trellis gardening, reduced tillage, living mulch system at Woodleaf Farm


Video 3: Income & Our Diet From a Forest Garden Created in a 35-year-Certified Organic Fruit Orchard


Ruth Stout’s Garden with Permanent Hay Mulch

In this video, Ruth Stout presents her approach to gardening: putting hay on the ground, and then planting through it. That’s all! No digging, no weeding, no watering, no fertilizer! Learn more about the Ruth Stout technique here.


Forest Gardening with Robert Hart and Ken Fern

In this video, visit the veganic forest gardens of Robert Hart, author of the book Forest Gardening, and Ken Fern who runs Plants for a Future (note that the third project presented in the video is not veganic). Learn more about forest gardening here.


Synergistic Gardening with Emilia Hazelip

In this video, Emilia Hazelip presents her synergistic garden, which fosters soil life by having permanent beds, keeping the ground permanently covered with mulch, and having a diverse polyculture. Her garden was plant-based aside from the addition of ducks, though she later realized the ducks were not needed. The synergistic gardening approach inspired the veganic approach of self-fertilizing gardens.

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