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Legacy farm profiles

These farm profiles were created between 2008 and 2011 based on interviews with veganic farmers, and some information may be out of date. We have kept them on the website as "Legacy Profiles" for educational purposes, to show a snapshot of these veganic farms and their agricultural techniques at the time the profiles were written. Unless otherwise indicated, we believe these veganic farms are still in operation. You can find more up-to-date info about veganic farms here.

Victoria Farm (Florida, USA)

Victoria Farm is a hobby farm that provides an example of veganic forest gardening in the Florida climate.

Unexpected Farm (New York, USA)

Unexpected Farm has been a commercial veganic farm since 2001, and they also provide habitat to encourage biodiversity.

Huguenot Street Farm (New York, USA)

This 77-acre veganic farm is only 1 mile from downtown New Paltz, and has been a leader in sustainable farming innovation.

Groleau Garden (Quebec, Canada)

This no-till veganic garden uses the Ruth Stout technique of permanent hay mulching.

Santa Cruz Farm (New Mexico, USA)

Santa Cruz Farm grows over 70 different crops on 3.5 acres, and uses cold frames to grow salad greens year-round.

Spirit of the Earth, The Living Centre & Living Arts Institute (Ontario, Canada)

This education centre, established in 1983, includes temperate forest gardens, herb gardens, and vegetable gardens.

Gentle World (Hawaii and New Zealand)

Gentle World is a vegan educational organization and intentional community, located in both Hawaii and New Zealand.