Web Seminar - Iain Tolhurst, Stockfree Organic Farming

Free online seminar with Iain Tolhurst, a leader in the field of plant-based agriculture.

In November 2009, Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia hosted a web seminar with plant-based farmer Iain Tolhurst. The webinar is now available free online, at http://www.certifiedorganic.bc.ca/education/seminars.php. Scroll down for Iain Tolhurst - Stockfree Organic Farming.

In the 30-minute presentation, which is then followed by Q&A, Iain Tolhurst talks stockfree farming, which is a U.K. term for farming without animal inputs. He describes the green manures and crop rotation that are used to maintain fertility on his farm, as well as concepts for carbon-sequestration in farming.

Iain Tolhurst is an organics consultant who runs a successful low-carbon farm in the United Kingdom, producing 400 boxes of vegetables each week. His farm was the first to be certified "Stockfree Organic", the certification program for veganic farms in the UK. Iain is also the co-author of Growing Green, the primary book about plant-based agriculture.

7 November 2010
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