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Why veganic?

Veganic growing is kinder toward animals, better for the environment, and healthier for you. There are many reasons to begin farming and gardening veganically, and to encourage farmers in your region to start growing veganically too.

Regenerates soil
Veganic agriculture regenerates soil by encouraging vibrant soil life and building organic matter. […]
Higher level of self-sufficiency
Veganic farmers and gardeners use resources available on their own land to maintain fertility, and minimize dependence on off-farm inputs. […]
Biodiversity and land stewardship
Veganic growers work to reinstate habitats, bolster the biodiversity of wild animals and native plants, and conserve the environmental integrity of their land. […]
Protecting animals
Veganic farming and gardening focuses on growing food in a way that is respectful to animal life, by using plant-based techniques for fertilization instead […]
Beyond organic
Organic growers are permitted to fertilize their fields using animal byproducts from conventional farming, such as factory farm chicken manure, which can bring contaminants […]
Simpler without manure
Many veganic farmers find that agriculture becomes simpler without manure, since they don’t need to keep animals, source manure, or worry about pathogens. […]
Resource efficiency: land, water, and energy
Using entirely plant-based techniques is far more resource efficient than relying on animal agriculture. […]
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