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There are several options for farms to become certified!

And we recommend that all veganic farmers and gardeners explore the certification standards (even if you don’t intend to become certified), as the standards provide great guidelines for the do’s and don’ts of veganic growing.

Certified Stockfree-Organic – U.K.
Stockfree-Organic standards were developed in the United Kingdom by the Vegan Organic Network, and the farm inspections are carried out by the Soil Association […]
3rd party Stockfree Organic – U.S.
Victoria Farm in Geneva, Florida is the first farm in North America to become certified through the Stockfree Organic standards of the United Kingdom. […]
Certified Veganic – North America
A new Certified Veganic program has been launched in North America. Since 2023, farmers and growers can apply for certification. Certified Veganic offers low-cost […]
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