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The Veganic Agriculture Network is a movement to promote the production of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals without the use of artificial substances nor the use of animal products. We promote sustainable, low-impact, plant-based farming and gardening.

News and events

Meet the Veganic Experts
This new event series in June 2024 is a unique opportunity to meet with leading experts in veganic farming and gardening, and ask them […]
Free live presentation on how to grow a thriving veggie garden
This winter, Learn Veganic is offering a free presentation on how to grow a thriving veggie garden using entirely plant-based fertilizers. […]
Veganic gardening course starts February 7th, 2024
The Learn Veganic gardening course is starting on February 7th, 2024, with registrations at Join in this 7-week online course where you’ll learn […]

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Certified Veganic – North America
A new Certified Veganic program has been launched in North America. Since 2023, farmers and growers can apply for certification. Certified Veganic offers low-cost […]
Simpler without manure
Many veganic farmers find that agriculture becomes simpler without manure, since they don’t need to keep animals, source manure, or worry about pathogens. […]
Resource efficiency: land, water, and energy
Using entirely plant-based techniques is far more resource efficient than relying on animal agriculture. […]
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