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Information sheets and flyers

We encourage people to print copies of our flyers to distribute in their region. In the coming years, we intend to add more resources for distribution.

Free Guide

LearnVeganic has produced a veganic guide with 20 veganic materials to improve fertility in your plant-based garden. Available for free at

The 8-page guide includes:

  • A diversity of vegan-friendly fertilizers
  • Which materials are best at building soil
  • How to boost your plant-based garden with key nutrients like nitrogen

Flyer to distribute

Are your vegetables Veganic?

This flyer is largely aimed at a vegan and vegetarian audience, although there are many other reasons why people choose veganic agriculture. In the future, we intend to create more flyers and information sheets that touch on different issues.

This flyer is intended to be two-sided, to print two flyers on one piece of paper. By feeding the same paper through twice, it can be successfully printed using a standard printer. Simply click the above icon to access the PDF file for printing.

Information sheets

The Vegan Organic Network in the United Kingdom has produced a series of articles about techniques for plant-based agriculture. The information is comprehensive, offering a wealth of knowledge to farmers and gardeners. They cover different topics such as:

– Propagation and fertilizers
– Growing beans for drying
– Growing on clay soils
– Garden Funghi FAQ
– Gardening for wildlife
– The vegan organic growers guide to beetles
– Green manures
– Chipped branch wood
– Composting

You can read those articles here on the Vegan Organic Network’s website.

The information presented is further elaborated upon in the book Growing Green.

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