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Plant-based techniques

Discover veganic materials and plant-based techniques for maintaining soil fertility.

Chipped Branch Wood (CBW)
Chipped Branch Wood is a fertility system using small branches and twigs of deciduous trees to bring nutrients to the soil. Byproducts of the […]
Mulches are materials that cover the ground, much like layers of leaves on the forest floor. Mulches improve water retention, reduce erosion, moderate the […]
Green Manures
Growing green manures is an age old practice: the Greeks planted fava beans in their fields, the Romans grew beans and lupine to enrich […]
Living mulch
You can grow your own fertilizer with living mulches. Living plants used as mulches have an advantage over dead mulches, such as straw […]
Sheet mulching with cardboard and potatoes
This is a technique that revolutionizes the way we typically think of starting a new garden, and the way we typically think of growing […]
Making your own veggie compost is a great way to fertilize your plants and improve your soil while also revaluing precious nutrients. […]
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