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If you are a consumer

As a consumer, there are many ways that you can further the veganic movement. In fact, it is often consumer support that enables small farms to practice veganic agriculture.

Get informed

  • By learning more, consumers can engage farmers and gardeners in discussions about veganic agriculture, and also gain the knowledge needed to start their own veganic gardens.
  • Watch videos
  • Read books, magazines and studies
  • Learn about veganic farms in North America, and visit them if it’s possible.
  • If you’d like to communicate about veganic agriculture with farmers and gardeners, you can join a veganic discussion group.

Buy veganic

  • If there is a veganic farmer in your area, buying the produce will help the project succeed.

Talk with local farmers

  • Ask them how they fertilize. Are the fertilizers from animal sources (manure, blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, feather meal), or only from plant sources (vegetable compost, green manure, cover crops, mulch)?
  • Talk to local farmers about veganic principles, and tell them you would prefer food from plant-based sources.
  • Ask them to grow veganic. If there is a market available, some organic farmers will begin to grow veganically.

Ask local foodstores

  • Let your food suppliers know that you are interested in buying veganic food.
  • If the concept is new to them, inform them about veganic principles.

Pass the word around

  • Talk to people about veganics. Those who are interested in sustainable agriculture, animal protection, environmentalism, farming, gardening, or cleanly-sourced food may be especially interested in learning about veganic agriculture.
  • You can spread the word through conversations, emails, by distributing leaflets, or by writing articles for local newsletters and newspapers.
  • Use your language skills. If you speak another language, we welcome translations of our website content to reach a wider audience. Contact us for more info.

Grow your own vegetables

  • If veganic produce isn’t available in your region, growing your own vegetables is a great alternative.
  • Starting a garden at home or in a community garden can provide fresh veganic produce. For those who live in apartments and don’t have access to community gardens, some veganic food can be grown with window boxes and potted plants, and by using sprouting techniques.
  • Visit the “Gardening how-to” section of our website to learn about starting a veganic garden, and visit our partner website “Learn Veganic” if you would like to take a guided online course. We also recommend looking at “What is veganic?” to understand the main principles, and “How to grow” for a deeper look at specific techniques.

Start a farm

  • Starting a farm can provide many people in your region with the option of veganic produce.
  • By joining a veganic discussion group, you can communicate with people who are currently farming using veganic practices, to get guidance and help for starting a farm.
  • Learn more in the grower’s section.

Contribute financially to this network

  • The Veganic Agriculture Network runs on volunteer hours, and a small budget to finance the website and to print materials for promoting veganics. We are thankful for donations, which will allow us to greatly expand our activities.

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