Organic no-till agroecology & permaculture at Woodleaf Farm


This video showcases an integrative approach to fertility, insect management and disease reduction at Woodleaf Farm.

The farm ( has been certified organic for over 30 years, using techniques that favour biodiversity. Helen from more recently joined their team, bringing her experience in living mulches and agroecology. Their video and websites also contain a wealth of information.

Youtube video description :

Woodleaf farm is a leader in two important areas of organic fruit production: farm design to suppress insect and disease pests and systems soil management to improve plant health. Over 30 years, Woodleaf has developed effective design and management strategies to generate specific ecosystem functions, such as insect pest suppression, foliar disease management, and balanced Nitrogen:Carbon soil fertility cycles. The systems management strategies utilized for insect and disease suppression and soil health are intertwined and synergistic. Here we present a summary of the details of Woodleaf’s system approach to pest and soil management.

3 February 2014
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