Protecting animals

While many organic farms use animals products like manure and blood meal as fertilizers, veganic farms do not include any animal products in their growing practices. For those who are concerned about animal protection, choosing veganic food is one more way to express this ethic.

An incredibly effective way to help animals is to change our diets. In the past century, meat consumption has increased dramatically, and the methods of raising animals have become highly mechanized and profit-oriented, leading to extreme confinement and suffering for animals. Many people who are interested in animal protection have opted to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diets.

For those who are concerned about animal protection, especially vegetarians and vegans, choosing veganic food is one more way to express this ethic. Even when growing vegetables and fruits, modern conventional farms use techniques that destroy animal life and reduce biodiversity, such as pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers. On organic farms, even though chemicals are not used, vegetarian food is often grown in the waste products of animal farming. The word "organic" indicates that the fertilizers come from organic sources: while it’s possible to choose plant-based organic materials, frequently organic farms choose materials like manure, bone meal, blood meal, and fish meal.

Veganic agriculture provides an alternative, fertilizing the food without the use of animal products. For those who prefer not to contribute to animal agriculture, veganic farming is a way of growing food that is completely separate from animal industries, applying the same ethical principles to farming that apply to a vegetarian diet.

18 May 2008
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