Our plans

To promote veganic agriculture in North America, these are our plans:

- Make an internet discussion group for people who are interested in veganic agriculture.

- Create a website, www.goveganic.net, where people can learn about veganic principles, techniques, and resources.

- Centralize the available internet resources about veganic agriculture for easy access.

- Contact veganic farms in North America, and profile the projects of veganic farmers.

- Create connections with organizations that have an interest in animal protection, organic agriculture, and sustainability.

- Print pamphlets and information sheets to introduce people to the concept of veganic agriculture.

- Promote veganics at eco fairs and veg events through talks, stands, and distributing pamphlets.

- Encourage farmers, gardeners, and consumers to get involved in the development of the veganic movement.

Future goals:

- Organize veganic gatherings to share knowledge and information.

- Make a film about veganic farms in North America.

17 May 2008
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