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Veganic Grower’s Hour - Bi-Weekly Q&A Show

Join veganic farmer Jimmy Videle for a Q&A show on YouTube throughout the 2022 growing season. The show is especially geared to gardeners, homesteaders, and small-scale farmers who cultivate on 1 acre or less, with an emphasis on North America.

The show happens bi-weekly on Thursday evenings from 7-8 PM Eastern Time, starting on February 3rd.

Each show covers a specific seasonal theme, while also answering questions submitted by the audience. Have questions you’d like answered? Write to Jimmy at (or by Facebook: jimmyvidele) by the Wednesday evening before each show.

Here are the links to the shows, where you can catch them live or watch a video replay.

Feb. 3 - Garden and farm planning, planting calendar, and all about seeds
Feb. 17 - Seed starting and the growing medium
Mar. 3 - Growing the seedlings, keeping them warm
Mar. 17 - Garden preparation, all about compost
Mar. 31 - As soon as the soil can be worked, season extension
Apr. 14 - Working & planting perennials (diversity)
Apr. 28 - Irrigation and rain-water collection
May 12 - Last frost date, planting of tender annuals
May 26 - Warm & settled date, maintenance of cultures
June 9 - Zen of weeding, plant-based teas and cover crops
June 23 - Insect presence, pollination, and dehydration
July 7 - The greenest times, disease and nutrient deficiencies
July 21 - The art of harvesting
Aug. 4 - Letting plants go to flower, to seed and saving them
Aug. 18 - Thinking of the lean winter months, preserving the harvest
Sep. 1 - ’Gleaning’ the harvest, leaving nothing to waste
Sep. 15 - In-bed composting
Sep. 29th - Seeding winter crops, putting the gardens to bed
Oct. 13th - Long-term storage, planting fall garlic
Oct. 27th - Reflections on the season that was

Here’s a message from Farmer Jimmy:

"I have been growing my own food for 25 years, professional organic farming for 18 and veganic growing since 2014.

In addition to the two farms I co-owned in Arizona and Boileau, Québec I have had the fortunate opportunity to consult, advise, volunteer and work on eleven other farms throughout Québec, Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador as well as with AUM Films (Cowspiracy and What the Health docu-films), Humane Party USA, Animal Protection Party Canada and Growing Green International magazine UK.

In these ever-changing times the one certainty I have been blessed to partake in is growing my own biodiverse mix of fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers. My knowledge and experience are there for the asking of. I hope to help you along your path!"

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