Free Guide: 20 Veganic Materials for Your Plant-Based Garden
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From a farmer’s or gardener’s perspective

There are a wide variety of reasons why farmers choose veganic techniques, including ethical and environmental considerations, consumer demand, and the availability of fertilizers. Many of these reasons will also apply to gardeners.

100% organic, from start to finish

Animal-based fertilizers, like manure and blood meal, often come from animals that were not raised organically. They may have been exposed to (...)

Protecting animals

For farmers and gardeners who are interested in animal protection, veganic growing is a perfect way to combine your ethics with your agriculture, (...)

Higher level of self-sufficiency

By reducing inputs and producing your own sources of fertility, it’s possible to live more self-sufficiently from your own (...)

Save time and land

Compared to farms that produce their own fertilizer by using animals, maintaining fertility through plant-based techniques can save time and (...)

A lower ecological footprint

Veganic agriculture encourages techniques that are environmentally sustainable, and that reduce CO2 emissions.

Improving soil life and fertility

By adding organic plant-based materials to the soil, the microorganisms within the soil can flourish, and enhance the soil structure and (...)

Respond to a new consumer market

For farmers, growing veganically responds to an emerging market of consumers who desire completely organic, plant-based (...)

Biodiversity and environmental conservation

Veganic standards encourage the biodiversity of free-living animals and native plant species, and the environmental conservation of the farmer’s (...)