Free Guide: 20 Veganic Materials for Your Plant-Based Garden
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Plant-based techniques

A description of the many plant-based techniques that are used to maintain soil fertility.

Overview of veganic techniques

In veganic agriculture, fertility is maintained without the use of chemical fertilizers or animal products. Instead, veganic agriculture favors (...)

Green Manures

Green manures are grown in order to be cut down and buried. They can act as a source of fertilizer, bringing nitrogen and biomass to the soil, (...)


Mulches are materials that cover the ground, much like layers of leaves on the forest floor. Mulches improve water retention, reduce erosion, (...)

Living mulch

You can grow your own fertilizer with living mulches. Living plants used as mulches have an advantage over dead mulches, such as straw and hay. (...)


Compost is an essential part of the food cycle. Compost brings nutrients to the soil while also reducing the air and water pollution associated (...)

Seeds and seedlings

It all starts with a seed! There is an exceptional variety of food-producing plants available for our farms and gardens. Unfortunately, (...)

Sheet mulching with cardboard and potatoes

With this incredibly simple technique, you can prepare a new no-till garden with few materials, while improving the quality of your soil for (...)