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What is veganic?

New to veganic farming and gardening? This is a great place to start! Read the articles below to learn the fundamentals of veganics and why it’s so important.

Why veganic?
Veganic growing is kinder toward animals, better for the environment, and healthier for you. There are many reasons to begin farming and gardening veganically, […]
Introduction to veganics
Veganic agriculture is an approach to growing plant foods that encompasses a respect for animals, the environment, and human health. Also known as “stockfree” […]
Growing without manure
The organic farming movement relies heavily on composted manure for fertilization. But do plants really need manure to grow? […]
The soil food web
There is more life in the ground than above in the ground. Healthy soil is flourishing with microorganisms, and the complex interactions between the […]
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