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Le poireau préfère les fraises: les meilleures associations de plantes

Note: this book is only available in French and German

In this short book, Hans Wagner presents companion planting methods that are inspired by the principles of Gertrud Franck. Here, the gardens are always growing, there is never any digging, and there is only a small amount of surface work on the soil as needed. Fertility is based on green manures, surface composting and a little mature compost. No other amendments are used. The garden is organised with rows of vegetables that are 20cm to 25cm apart, and after every few rows there is a larger pathway of clover. In the spring, every second row is sown with spinach, which serves as a windbreak, as a path and as a mulch for future seedlings and plants.

The bulk of the book gives detailed information about individual plants with the aim of planning the garden well and maximising the positive associations between the plants. For each plant, the author summarizes the growing techniques, as well as the favorable and unfavorable associations. A number of useful tips are given throughout the book. A small section covers plant teas, mulch and green manures.

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