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Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward

Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward is a book that questions prevailing agricultural paradigms and reimagines the future of agriculture through the lens of inclusive responsibility.

With 20 chapters written by various academics, activists, and practitioners, the book explores perspectives on sustainable agriculture, including veganic.

The chapter Social Movements in the Transformation of Food and Agricultural Systems (see extract) provides insight from Nassim Nobari, the founder of the veganic non-profit Seed the Commons and the website

And the final chapter, written by the book’s editors Laila Kassam and Amir Kassam, provides a vision for an inclusive agricultural system: Conservation Agriculture based Veganic Agroecology (see extract).

Laila and Amir were also interviewed about their book and veganic agroecology vision in this 2-hour webinar that’s available online.

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